Sunday, December 22, 2013

The night I sewed seven pairs of pants

A little while back I made my boys some pants.  Simple, silly pants - made from mustache fabric.  Colby {my 3-year-old} LOVED his mustache pants.  He wore them for a couple days {yes, I let my 3-year-old wear the same pants for multiple days in a row}.  He then declared he couldn't wear any of his other pants because "they're not REAL".

It took LOTS of convincing.... and maybe a few idle threats.... to get him to put on pants that were not REAL.  It made me giggle.... but also warmed my heart.  He walked around looking through my bolts of fabric - picking out more favorites for all the "real pants" he expected me to make - - - for our whole family.  Watermelons for Daddy, strawberries for Mommy, more mustaches for Brendan, and "Go Beavers" for himself.

The seven pairs of pants I mention in the title of this post?  There are not watermelons or strawberries..... however, I did make seven pairs of pants... for my kiddos, in time for Christmas.... and NOT on Christmas Eve! ;-)

Yup..... seven pairs..... some matching, and one more pair of mustache pants!

We have penguins.....
{our family LOVES penguins.... the boys will be getting these pants Christmas Eve!}
Fabric purchased from a member of Fabric Crafters U Bid It Destash

.... and dinos rocking out ....

... and another pair of awesome mustache pants 
{this is the fabric I used for Brendan's original mustache pants.... and Colby LOVES it and tried to convince me I had promised him a pair from that fabric, too....}

I also made matching pants from a cute light blue flannel with trains on it - but I guess I didn't take a picture of those!

So.... I hope my kiddos don't give me the "seriously mom, clothes for Christmas?!" look!


Cole2585 said...

WAHOO! They look awesome and Colby will be SO EXCITED! (Maybe Mommy and Daddy need penguin pants for Christmas too??) I love to see when you sew for your family!

Kim said...

:) Didn't get a chance to make any pants for mommy & daddy.... but the kiddos have looked adorable in their pants! :) Doing a much better job sewing for us!