Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Fast Pants! {some stitch swap fun}

Hello again!  I know it's been practically forever since I've written here.  I made the tough, but necessary, decision to close my custom sewing business for the summer after I realized the time was flying by and we had it packed full of family fun and other commitments.

Needless to say... with the sun shining (a somewhat rare occurrence in the Pacific NW), kiddos growing, family vacations, and a BIG focus on health & fitness around our house - I haven't done very much sewing the past month, almost two!

BUT - before I made the decision to take a "breather" - I signed up for a fun "Stitch Swap" with a great group of bloggers.  We got paired up and sent our partner a random / surprise yard of fabric for them to work with!  Some partners asked questions so that they could decide what to send - Danica from The Sewing Sparrow totally got her pick for me SPOT ON!  (Thanks so much Danica!)

She sent me this awesome fabric - so perfect as a mama to two boys who LOVE all vehicles!

Our boys LOVE wearing elastic-waist pants (can you blame them?!) - and it warms my heart that their FAVES are ones I've made!  So I knew I wanted to make some shorts or pants for one or both of the boys.  I was leaning toward shorts, but the hubby reminded me that the sunny days will be gone again soon (and even the sunny days are often followed by cooler nights) - so I went with some pants!


Time was definitely NOT on my side with this project.  Thank goodness I had the super-quick, simple-to-follow Taylor's Pajama Pants pattern from Create Kids Couture (available on fabric.com)

I'm not kidding when I say that I got them done in 25 minutes.  And that included printing, assembling, and cutting the pattern piece!

Sure enough he LOVES them!  He was so excited when I held them up - "Mommy are those for MEEEEE?!  Did you MAKE them?  Thank you mommy!"  Melt.my.heart.

So a BIG thank you to Danica for picking out and sending the PERFECT fabric - and a thank-you to Stephanie from Swoodson Says for hosting this fun little swap!  It was the perfect "excuse" I needed to get a little bit of sewing done!

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Danica R. said...

I love the pants, and I am so glad that he liked the fabric!

JessiBerry said...

I love it when my little guy gets excited when I sew him something too! Those are so cute! :)