Saturday, February 15, 2014

Vice Versa BOM - February Blocks

As I sit at PDX, rain streaming down the windows, waiting for a delayed flight (we are headed to Utah to visit family).... I figured I had a quick second to share my blocks for this month's Vice Versa BOM with GenX Quilters. {while the boys & hubby run around like maniacs through the terminal!}

This month's blocks are comprised of LOTS of HSTs!

Both blocks - traditional and inverse - - - it's hard to see, but the white is a pretty white-on-white paisley

Block 1

Block 2

With last month's blocks!

Loving how these are sewing up - can't wait to make more!

The boys are back..... and getting antsy.  Wish us luck on our flight {thank goodness it's a quick one!}
Gen X Quilters Vice Versa BOM


Mrs.Pickles said...

Lovely work :)

Kim said...

Thank you!