Saturday, February 8, 2014

February Goals

Yep..... 8 days into the month and I'm finally making my goals official! ;-)

This month's goals will be pretty similar to last month... but here they are!  We are headed to Utah to visit my in-laws {yay!  we get to meet our newest nephew!!!} for 9 days during the month - so combined with an already short month my sewing days are much fewer!

Year-long goal: Do more sewing that is NOT paid orders
I have a few gifts to sew up for my lil' nephew - - - and would love to do a bit more sewing for my kiddos.  Maybe start on some bedding, etc. for our youngest? {you know, now that he's 16 months old!}

A Lovely Year of Finishes (ALYOF) February
Goal is to make a pillowcase for Little Man #2 - as he now has a pillow in his bed!  I'd also love to sew him another little blankie - a "backup" to the one he sleeps with!

Project Quilting 
My goal is to participate in all the challenges during the month.... this could be a tough one though!  Challenge 3 was posted Sunday 2/2 - and I completed my "Taste the Rainbow" quilt earlier this week.  The next challenge will be posted 2/16 - and must be completed by 2/23.  We will be in Utah throughout that whole time, and combined with my "no buying fabric until I make 100 items" challenge.... it could be a little tricky to participate.  But I'm going to try!  The hubby agrees that it will be okay for me to buy fabric while there for the challenge as they are pretty "extreme" circumstances..... and I think that's a good compromise!

100 item challenge
I made 54 of the 100 items during the month of January.  My goal for February is to get to 80..... we'll see!  As of this post I am at 68 items sewn... not bad! :)  I have a few more custom orders I'm hoping to finish up before our vacation - and BOMs, etc. to complete - so I think 80 is achievable.... but will be a challenge!  But it would be awesome to have 20 {or fewer!} items left to sew as of March 1st!

Vice Versa BOM
We were emailed the BOM instructions 2/7.  I'm a little stuck. I don't know if I have enough white-on-white fabric (for the background) to get this month's blocks sewn up - - - but I haven't hit 100 items.... so I can't buy more.  We'll see - may involve some creative cutting or some fabric trades with friends!

Wishes Quiltalong
I got this block cut out on 2/7 - can't wait to sew up another black / orange / white / grey block.  Oh.... and somehow all three of the BOMs / QALs I'm participating in are VERY half-square triangle heavy this month - - - so I'll be doing LOTS of HSTs!

Aurifil DOM sewalong
Amy Gibson is the Designer of the Month for February and I'm very excited - I love all the quilts / fabric combos I've seen from her!  Her "Cathedral Window Playmat" tutorial was some of the inspiration for my "Feel the Rainbow" quilt!

Blog Goals
I have a few tutorials (applique letters, cathedral window raw-edged quilt) that I'd like to get written up and posted.  I'd also like to incorporate "Etsy Thursdays" (or maybe another day of the week?) as inspired by Persimon Dreams (showcasing one or more of my Etsy listings)

Other Goals
I NEED to organize my printed patterns / applique designs / etc. binder!  I think I will be splitting it into two binders so it's not so crowded.... and organizing it even more.  It's not a big disaster yet, but if I don't work on it soon it will get out of control.  Also organizing my blank onesie / shirt cabinet.  More progress on Zoe's onesie quilt..... and sewing up some stock for my Etsy shop.

Oh... and one more - Hubby is moving back to day shift when we get back from vacation - - - so my goal is to transition back to that "normal" smoothly..... we'll see.... going to mean more early morning wake-up-and-sew sessions - - - I've liked staying up late to sew! :)

So..... just a short list, right?! ;-)


Karen M said...

I found your blog on the Vice Versa Flicker site. I am doing the V-V BOM too. I am happy to be follower #2.

Kim said...

Thanks for saying hi - and for following! :)