Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I've lost it

.... my motivation, that is.

I'm 99% sure I'm not the only one that feels like their creativity / productivity / motivation goes in waves.

It's crazy - one week I'll be knocking out custom orders left and right, dreaming up new ideas and fabric combinations, blogging like crazy, making great meals for my family, checking off every single workout we had planned.

And other weeks / days...... I look back at the end of the day and say "what in the world did I DO today?!"

Yesterday I wrote some things on our family calendar in a variety pretty / fun colors of Sharpie pens.  I know I did that because I have proof.

I know I did not clean - because I have proof (my house is a disaster).

I know I did not sew - because the same projects are sitting on my cutting table / ironing board.

I did, however, spend a little time playing with my boys and a bit of time (okay.... obviously more than "a bit") recharging / "vegging out".

I always hope these dips in productivity / motivation will be short-lived.... but the truth is, they have to run their course.  And most of the time I find they are not accidental / completely random.

We do a ton.  All of us.  And sometimes we need to allow ourselves the minutes / hours / days / weeks?!  (I hope not?!) to re-charge.  To ignore many of our responsibilities.  To just be.

So.... that's where I find myself right now.  But at least today I got some laundry put away (before 9am!) :)

I also put on this shirt... a cheesy freebie shirt we got in the mail for participating in a wellness program through our insurance.  But I like what it says.

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