Monday, April 7, 2014

How-to: Share your dropbox photos

I recently started using Dropbox when my old laptop was on the fritz and I really needed to backup my photos / PDF patterns (there are lots.... of both).  I thought that would be all I'd use them for - but now I'm wondering "What did I do before Dropbox?!"

.... Yes, I'm sure that all five of you who are reading this are thinking "Seriously?!  She JUST started using Dropbox?!"

I know, I know..... I've never been trendy / cool / the first to try something.  So why change now?!

But... it's great.  I use it constantly.  I pull up my PDF patterns, I back up my photos... and even better?!  I can share photos without having to send 18kazillion emails with just as many attachments - simple dimple, one link or one email and the person can see all the photos - and download them if they want.  And I can add to the folder I already shared with them if I add more!

I can also allow others to add to the folder - which has been great when working with photographers / friends who are taking photos and trying to send them to ME! (a separate how-to for that is coming soon!)

So.... a really quick how-to for sharing photos from Dropbox - because there were a few people in a pattern tester group I'm in that were having a hard time figuring it out! :)

Step 1 - open the folder that has the photos you want to share.  Here you see I'm sharing the "LoveMeKnotsTester" photos - you can see all the pictures there in the list.

Now click on that little "link" icon....

This will pull up a window - as seen in the next photo.

You now have a few options!

Option 1: type the email address(es) you want to share the folder with.  You can even include a message in that bigger box.  Then click send!

Options 2 and 3: click on the Facebook or Twitter icons to share using those methods

But maybe you just want the web address....?

Option 4: click on "Get Link" and the link (web address) to your folder will be copied to your clipboard.  Then you can paste (ctrl+v) the link anywhere you want (an email, blog post, Facebook post, message.... the possibilities are endless!)

A little tip: You'll notice the link is also visible in your browser bar - it's the same link!  So you can also copy and paste from there!


Simple de-dimple, no!?

Happy sharing!

Note: this is a how-to for sharing the photos so that others can see them and download them.  If you are wanting to create a collaborative folder (where the person / people you share it with can add to / remove photos from the folder) the process is a little different.  I'll get some photos made up for that and write up another post for that process! :)

Let me know if you have any questions - or if this was helpful - I love to hear from you!


I am not affiliated with Dropbox.... at all.  I just use it! :)

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