Friday, April 25, 2014

Upcoming blog hop! Tie Dye Diva Perfect Party Dress

I'm so excited to be participating in an upcoming Blog Hop hosted by Handmade Dress Haven featuring 16 blogger's interpretations of the Tie Dye Diva Perfect Party Dress.

{{I previously owned the girls Perfect Party Dress but was given the baby version for free to participate in this blog hop (how I didn't already have it I'm really not sure!?)  This post also contains affiliate links.  If you purchase from Tie Dye Diva after following my links I receive a small portion of the sale - thanks for supporting my lil' business.... and my fabric addiction!}}


First off, I LOVE Tie Dye Diva patterns.  Well written, great fit, professional finish, and Jen (THE Tie Dye Diva!) is an awesome gal and always willing to answer questions or give tips.

The Perfect Party Dress is a pretty little dress that has some great options included in the pattern.  There are two sizes - for baby (newborn through 24mo) and for girls (size 2-10) - - - and they are both just too sweet!

The REALLY fun part about this blog hop is that we are all going to "play" with the pattern - changes may be subtle or bold - but they're all made using the Perfect Party Dress as a base.  Then we'll share about how our creative process!  I love what Kathy says about this fun twist:
I want to help people learn to use patterns in creative ways, not just the one or two ways the designer shows you.  We all can't be pattern designers, but we can all think outside the box now and then and get creative!

I shared a sneak peek of my creation on Instagram (I'm new there.... so you can giggle while I figure it out!) - - and can't wait to take pictures of it on my adorable niece this weekend!

The blog hop takes place next week - at these fabulous blogs:
Mon. 4/28 - Kathy, Amy, Michelle
Tue. 4/29 - Tasha, Ren, Alyssa
Wed. 4/30 - Sara Beth, Shawnta, Shelly
Thu. 5/1 - Jenny, Meriel, Victoria, Nichole
Fri. 5/2 - Deanna, Zura, Kim (that's me!)

I hope you'll join us - I know I can't WAIT to see what everyone has sewn up - and learn a ton from all their tips!


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