Wednesday, April 23, 2014

WIP Wednesday - Avatrix Medallion fabrics

Phew - Wednesday again?!

It's been a LONG week and a half around here - with my main sewing machine needing an unscheduled trip to the repair shop (boo!) and long days / nights of working for the hubby (double boo!).... it's been crazy!  Add to that a to-do list with lots of firm deadlines.... and well, it's been quiet on the blog!

But..... The beginning of this week has brought progress! {thanks to 4:30am starts to my days and sneaking in exercise that helps re-energize me!}

I am feeling a *bit* out of my comfort zone and will definitely be pushing my limits by attempting the Avatrix Medallion Quilt - but I'm excited for the tips & tricks shared by Oh Fransson! during the upcoming quilt-a-long.

I have been wresting with the color scheme / fabric choices.  As in spending HOURS upon hours on a bazillion {yep, that many!} fabric shop websites / blogs / pinterest.  Yikes.

I never work with solids.  Like never ever.  But I'm here to challenge myself.

So my fabric choices are {mainly} solids.  I just *had* to throw a few prints in there (one per color group).

I will be using the white-based "Confetti" in turquoise (part of the Minimalista line for AGF) for my white (because solid white still gives me the heebie jeebies!)

Then I have 5 fabrics in each color group: gray (the one in the middle will also be used for borders), turquoise, green, yellow / light orange, and dark orange / red.  The majority of the solids are Michael Miller Cotton Couture.  There are also a few Pure Elements solids - as well as Laura Gunn's Painter's Canvas (gray textured fabric), Violet Craft's Domino Dots (turquoise), Lizzy House Pearl Bracelet (lime), AGF Chromatics - Pointelle (yellow), and Denyse Schmidt's Dotted Leaf (red).

Want every.last.detail. about each of these fabrics?  Check out my Pinterest Board for this project HERE!

It took me FOREVER to make this decision.  A huge thanks to the friends & family that helped put up with my constant "this turquoise or THIS turquoise?!" questions!

I'm excited that one of my friends is going to split the fabric with me and we will be making matching quilts!  Yippee!  We. Can. Do. This.

My fabric should be here later this week thanks to the super fast shipping over at Hawthorne Threads.  I plan on giving them a look-over once they get here because it's SO tough to gauge colors online - and editing if needed at that point.

If I thought this step was hard I'm REALLY in for it when we actually start MAKING this quilt, huh?!

Care to join in?  You can read more about the sew-a-long HERE.

I am linking up with WIP Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced.  Can't wait to see what everyone else is working on!


Jenn said...

Those are fantastic colors and your Avatrix Quilt will look beautiful!!

Hannlib said...

This is a beautiful palette. I'm joining in the aviatrix QAL too and have picked my fabrics this week. Added challenge for me is that i am fabric fasting so working entirely from stash! Luckily I have a great stash. I will follow along, it's going to be a great QAL

Melanie said...

Hey! Your choices look great. I am still planning on joining in as well. Have ordered lots of solids and I am still unsure if I want a simple solid or mixed or scrappy quilt. Need to decide as well - congratulations on having that done. I think it is the most difficult part.

Anne said...

What a good idea to split the fabric purchase with a friend. You can do it. The selection looks great.

Sarah said...

I LOVE your colors (and your snuck in prints). This will be such a fun project to work on and lovely when it's finished!