Wednesday, April 9, 2014

WIP Wednesday - a special project

I can't share much about this project.... but a friend approached me and of course I couldn't say no!

A peek at what I'm working on....
Last year I walked two Susan G. Komen 3-day (60 mile) walks - raising $4600 for SGK through my participation and helping with the $2300 each of my walking partners needed to raise to participate.

Me and my boys - San Francisco - Jun 2013
These walks will be something I never forget.

Walking across the Golden Gate Bridge - after a LONG first day - June 2013

I know, I know, there are all sorts of political debates about SGK and other organizations out there - or the color pink - or... you name it.  I choose not to focus on that.

My awesome friend (and walking partner) Heather and me - San Francisco 3-day - June 2013
I choose to focus on this... I am doing SOMETHING.  I know that.

"Baby" brother and me ready to start the Seattle 3-day - September 2013
My favorite sign from either walk.  I got a few blisters during the first walk - and they hurt - but they didn't require chemo.

The people I met, the love I felt, the stories I heard and witnessed, the support I was shown by friends and family - monetarily, emotionally, and by actually taking steps right next to me in training and during the walks.  Those things are what I am passionate about.

(left) pausing on the I-90 floating bridge in Seattle  - - (right) My amazing hubby was a stand-in walker with me for day 2

I walked 120 miles last year in those two weekends - but I didn't stop walking when I crossed that finish line.

3-day success - San Francisco - June 2013
60 miles complete - Seattle - September 2013
So this pink project I'm working on.... actually a few pink projects... are pretty special - and making me antsy to walk another 60 miles.....

The loves of my life - supporting me (and surprising me with homemade shirts - - - even Mr. Eggo is crafty!) - after finishing the San Francisco SGK 3-day - June 2013
Linking up for WIP Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced - I am link #69 -  can't wait to see what others are working on (and eventually share with you my finished projects)

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