Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Confessions of a fabricaholic.....

On January 2nd I accidentally joined a crafter challenge.  I say accidentally because a friend of mine, Alyssa (of Keep Calm and Carrion), knows how much I love fabric and commented that she had added me to "a really awesome group!" in an online thread about fabric / sewing / etc.  I was excited!

I clicked over.... and saw the group was called "Creating 100 items or more" - - - cool!  I'd love to see how long it took me to make 100 items!  I even commented in the group to that effect.  And then I read the "fine print" {it was NOT hidden..... I just hadn't gotten that far yet....}

This was a CHALLENGE.  To NOT buy fabric until I made 100 items from supplies I had on hand.

Wait.... what?!

No buying fabric?

Help!  Get me outta here!  No way!  Shoot - can I delete that post about being "so excited about this group!" quickly before anyone saw it?!  Were all things that rapidly ran through my mind.

But no way.  I had committed {even if I didn't realize it} - - - and I was determined to see this challenge through!

100 items - that's no big deal, right?!  Ha.

There were a few caveats - for those of us who sew & sell, we COULD order / purchase fabric if it was ABSOLUTELY necessary for a paid custom order (but no adding to the order just "because" or to hit free shipping minimums, etc.).  We could also buy batting, etc. if there was a project it was needed for - things that would finish a project created from supplies on hand.

I joined the challenge January 2nd.  I completed my 100th items EARLY in the morning on March 10th (before the kiddos were awake).  67 days.  Though 9 of those days were were on a vacation out of state / away from my usual sewing environment {but I DID end up completing my Project Quilting Challenge 4 quilt there!}.  So 58 days for 100 items?!  Not too shabby!

During that time I only placed 3 small fabric orders - for custom orders - and purchased fabric to sew my PQ challenge 4 piece (as we were on vacation, away from all my fabric).  Woohoo!

It was a definite challenge.... but it definitely taught me a bunch.  I was more focused (I wasn't doing as much online shopping / browsing in my "down" time), I looked at my stash through a different lens (and have some de-stashing to do soon - - - - if I didn't even consider sewing with a fabric during that time, when I couldn't buy anything else, I probably don't NEED the fabric.... right?!), and I was much more profitable!  (money coming in, but not going out in the form of purchasing fabric!)

So.... what does a gal who is a self-professed fabricaholic do when she completes a challenge like this?!

She goes shopping..... of COURSE!!! :)

I did some online shopping - and spent an hour or so at Jo-Ann Fabrics by myself - coming home with a nice stack of fabric.

Here's some of what I picked up (though it isn't all here yet.... some is still in the mail!) :)

Bluebird Park Bicycle (in "Tangerine" and "Lamp Post") and Magnolia (in "Grass") - from Southern Fabric

A fat quarter bundle of Art Gallery Fabric's "Chromatics" - from Stash Fabrics 

A couple yards of this adorably retro scooter fabric {I got a small piece of the pink one for free with an order a while back.... and loved it.  I made a few bibs and wished I had more!} - from a member of Fabric Crafters U Bid It Destash (a group on Facebook - feel free to request to join - I'm one of the admins and will help get you added quickly!)

Some yardage of this beautiful print from the Ashbury Heights line by Doohikey Designs for Riley Blake (again, from a Fabric Crafters U Bid It Destash member)
I also have a Rolie Polie of this line on its way to me from Fabric Fly Shop!

And I couldn't resist these cute lil' trees and woodland creatures - from Aneela Hooey's Little Apples line - found on clearance for a STEAL at Southern Fabric

We also stopped by a little local shop we had NO idea existed until just a week or two ago - they sell little bits of crafts, knickknacks, and some fabric!  I snagged these because I thought they were really pretty together - during their 2 year anniversary sale (yay for discounted fabric!)

Like I said.... I have a bit more on its way to me (yes, I went *just a little bit* overboard!) - and bought some pretty fabric at Jo-Ann Fabrics, too.  

But..... now I'm done buying (yah, right you say!).  How do I know this?!  Alyssa and I have committed to another challenge (just between us).  We won't be buying more until we make another 50 items - and we plan on continuing the "50 item then small splurge" challenge the rest of the YEAR.  Yep, all of 2014!

So..... you'd better hold us to that, right?!


Guess we'd better get sewing!  I'm 3 items into the new challenge - 105 items total (which started on March 14th - yes, I did all this damage shopping in 3.5 days!)

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Chelley said...

You and I have such similar tastes! I have several of those prints and have had my eye on several more! Love them all! Can't wait to see what other pretty things you make. :)