Wednesday, March 5, 2014

WIP Wednesday

Earlier this week, my friend and her mom came over so her mom could teach me about foundation paper piecing.  I had read about it, and looked at "how-to's" - but have never attempted it (mainly due to my lack of "free time" - but also because it was a little confusing).  Well, my friend's mom is an awesome quilter who has also written a sampling of FPP patterns - - - awesome!

I had seen their construction line and KNEW they would be the perfect designs for me to start with - as I know Colby would LOVE a construction-themed quilt!

So late last week they dropped by my house with a 3-ring binder full of every pattern printed out and stored safely in plastic sleeves - - - and a bunch of 4T boys clothes {double score!!!}.  Then on Monday, they came to my house, and my friend Kelly played with my boys (though Brendan, the 17 month old was being awfully clingy.... so I also did a bit of one-handed work!) while her mom showed me the basics - and walked me through my first FPP piece - a construction cone {used as a spacer for other construction vehicle blocks}

Isn't it fun?!  

I can't wait to work on the dump truck.... and front loader... and.......!!!!

And yes... I have been pinning other free FPP patterns ever since.....

Linking up with WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced - I'm link #167 - can't wait to see what everyone else is working on!


One English Teacher said...

That's so fun. I haven't tried paper piecing yet, but I want to, so it's encouraging to see that the cone turned out for you and that you're still pinning other patterns. That has to be a good sign :-)

Kim said...

Hope you give it a try - I really enjoyed it! :)