Friday, March 21, 2014

half square TRIANGLES

For this final week / challenge of Project Quilting we are to be inspired by triangles.

Pretty quickly I decided to use a few charm packs I have had sitting on a shelf for nearly a year, mixed with a bunch of white-on-white fabrics.  Then I browsed Pinterest, blogs I follow, and a few books I have on hand for some half square triangle inspiration.

The way I'm going about this challenge / quilt is a bit different than my usual.  Most of the time, I go in with a plan.  A solid plan.  One drawn out in colored pencils on graph paper.

This quilt.... the plans were:
a) use half-square triangles
b) use the selected fabrics
c) have a scrappy feel (don't necessarily sort by color family, etc.)
d) make a "throw-sized" quilt

I had no set design in mind.  Not much of a plan (relative to usual).  It made me a little uncomfortable!

So last night I sewed up 130 HSTs - pairing one printed charm square with a white-on-white.  There was no rhyme or reason to how I was sewing them (I have 5 or 6 different white-on-whites that I'm using).

I cut them apart.  I ironed them.  And then I went to bed {it was nearly 11pm at this point and I knew if I didn't go to bed, I would end up staying up WAY too late!}

This morning, I started playing with the HSTs.  Using a few of the photos I had for inspiration, I re-created quilts / designs I loved.  And I flipped a few squares and watched as the design changed.  Over and over.

These photos are from my phone - just snapped quickly so I could get a feel for what the various designs looked like.

I have to say - taking the photos made a HUGE difference.  I'm still deciding what design to go with (one of these..... or maybe something else?) - but this has been such a fun process - SO cool how many different things can be done with these blocks - and this is a VERY small sampling / example!

I'm not sure if I'll get a big ol' throw quilt done.... or if I'll need to scale down and complete a quilted throw pillow cover for the challenge and then get the quilt done very soon.... we'll see what kind of sewing time I can "steal" between now and Sunday morning!

....THIS is just one of the many reasons I LOVE Project Quilting!


Which is YOUR favorite?!

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