Monday, March 3, 2014

March Goals!

Why hello, March!  Funny how you snuck up on me!

I guess it's time to set some new goals - - - I'll check in on last month's goals soon!

Year-long goal: Do more sewing that is NOT paid orders:
I have decided on a "space" theme for little man #2's room / bedding - thanks to his love of my "Across the Universe" Project Quilting piece.  So I'm hoping to make a few things to go along with that - but that involves buying some fabric.... so I'll have to get through my 100 items first! (though the hubby says this one counts as a "custom order").

I also did my first foundation paper piecing today - thanks to some wonderful in-person, hands-on teaching from a friend's mom.  We did a small construction cone filler block.  She gave me patterns for LOTS of construction vehicles - - - so I hope to work on more blocks here and there to eventually put together a quilt, or wall hanging.... or????  For little man #1's room!

A Lovely Year of Finishes (ALYOF) March
Goal is to finish up Zoe's memory quilt!  Right now it is almost fully pieced - I plan on using a Quilt As You Go method - so I need to quilt the rows, then piece them together, choose (and piece together) backing, and bind!  Phew!  It's a nice big project - and I can't wait to get it finished up!

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Project Quilting 
Challenge #5 - inspired by a trip to the grocery store - was posted yesterday (3/2)!  I've been mulling it over, and flopped between a few different pieces of inspiration - but I WILL be participating!  The last challenge will be posted on 3/16 - can't wait to hear what else we will be inspired by - and see everyone's completed projects!

100 item challenge
I made 54 of the 100 items during the month of January.  My goal for February was to get to 80.... I made it to 77!  But this weekend (the first weekend of March) - I made my way to 86!  Getting close!  I'm actually enjoying sewing through what I have and NOT spending as much time (and money) buying fabric.  The friend who roped me into this challenge (Alyssa from Keep Calm and Carrion) and I are considering allowing ourselves a little window to buy when we get to 100 items..... and then starting the challenge again! (are we crazy?!)

Vice Versa BOM
Can't wait to see what block we are working on this month!  Pattern / instructions will be emailed this Friday 3/7.

Wishes Quiltalong
This one posted early - and I've got it printed out!  Loving how the orange & black blocks are looking together so far!

Aurifil DOM sewalong
Another block, this time from Emily Herrick - looking forward to reading about her, drooling (I'm sure) over her quilts, and working on the block she has shared!

Blog Goals
I still have a few tutorials to share - and I need to fit in some time to share some of the sewing I do that ISN'T quilting!  Funny to me - I keep sharing all these quilting projects..... but I spend a good majority of my time sewing clothes! :)

Other Goals
Finish up my pattern organization (was a goal from February.... I got over halfway done with the patterns I already had printed.... but still want to print out more, and need to get tabs on pages, etc.) - I'm looking forward to this one as I KNOW there are sewing patterns (for clothes.... well, quilts too!) that I own and haven't sewn.... LOTS of them.  Time to dust them off!

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