Friday, January 3, 2014

2014 "fun" sewing

I know, I know.... I already shared one goal / project for the year.... and while I tend to STINK at following through on resolutions, I have a bunch of sewing / business / creative growth goals for the year.... so I'm going to share them {and will likely add to this list down the line...}

I will try not to post updates CONSTANTLY.... but I'm thinking once a week or once a month I'll check in on these goals / projects.

One of my BIG goals for the year is to do more sewing that ISN'T paid orders.  I have said this every year since I started Eggo in the Oven {which just celebrated its 3rd birthday on 1/1/14}... and I've definitely gotten better at this over the years... but there is still LOTS of room for improvement.

So.... here are some of the quilting / fun sewing projects / sew-a-longs / etc. that I will be participating in to help with this goal and FORCE me to do some "fun" sewing! :)

A Lovely Year of Finishes
Make a monthly finish goal - and complete it!
My Button

Project Quilting - Season 5
Bi-weekly quilting challenges - I have a week to complete each challenge from start to finish - begins January 5, 2014

Project QUILTING Season 5

Creating 100 items or More
This is a group on Facebook that I kinda got suckered into {thanks to Alyssa at Keep Calm and Carrion}
The challenge?  Buy NO fabric until you have made 100 (or more) items.  Wait, what?!  NO fabric buying?  As one friend stated - "What were you thinking???  That's like giving up coffee!!"
**there IS a little caviat that I am allowed to buy fabric for custom orders - if absolutely necessary - but I can't ADD to those orders "just because"**
I committed to this challenge yesterday, 1/2/14, and completed items 1-5 by the time we went to bed!  5 down, 95 to go!

Vice Versa BOM
Excited to participate in my first BOM {block of the month} - this one looks like fun... and a good one to start with!  Each month we'll make two blocks - they are the inverse of one another!  Need to take a look at the fabric requirements and pull fabrics!
Gen X Quilters Vice Versa BOM

I'm also considering the following.... but will wait until at least mid-month to see how I handle all of these "fun" sewing goals mixed in with business sewing! :)

Wishes Quilt Along with Fat Quarter Shop
Another quilt block quilt along - that is also raising money for Make a Wish

There is no previewing of these blocks - they're a mystery!  The BOM is a standard one.... the "petite" creates mini quilts (that you can finish as-is, or you could put all those mini quilts together to create one large quilt).  The element of mystery is intriguing!!!

So..... that's the list so far.  Am I crazy for attempting all (or much) of this while also running my sewing business, being mama to 2 crazy boys and wife to the love of my life?  Yah, probably!  But I'm a "go big or go home" kinda gal..... so I'm going to give it a go!!!

Care to join me on any of these crazy adventures????  Let me know which ones you're participating in.... or if you have other suggestions to add to my list! :)

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