Saturday, January 4, 2014

A look back... PQ season 4 finishes

a) I'm super excited that Project Quilting, Season 5 starts tomorrow {at Noon CST}
b) I'm procrastinating and finding every possible thing to do other than the sewing work I should be doing
c) I've recently been reminded of how much I LOVE quilting {but am such a novice and have TONS of room for growth!} - maybe it's the math nerd in me???


Here's a look back at my finishes for 2013's Project Quilting, Season 4.

Challenge 1 - Square in a Square
My creation: "Squares the Beach?" - a quilt given as a baby shower gift to a friend

Challenge 2 - My favorite color
My creation: "Going Pink" - a quilted bib - in pink because I was training to walk the Susan G. Komen 3-day (60 miles)

{I missed Challenge 3 because we moved....}

Challenge 4 - Wish Upon a Star
My creation: "A wish come true" - a quilted wall hanging given to my sister & brother-in-law for their baby's nursery

Challenge 5 - Page 28
My creation: "Indoor Greens" - a valance to hang in our kitchen {it's still up!} - inspired by page 28 of Sunset Magazine's "Easy Edible Garden"

Challenge 6 - Hooray for Spring!
My creation: "Blossoms and Blue Sky" - a patchwork quilted tote - this was my very first attempt at free motion quilting!

Yep.... I'm stoked about this season!  I'm hoping I'll be able to participate in all 6 challenges - - - and I'm going to try to learn / work on new techniques as much as possible!!!

Okay, okay.... now to do the REAL work.... :)

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