Monday, January 13, 2014

ALYOF January 2014 - finished!

As it was my first month of A Lovely Year of Finishes, I made my January goal fairly small / simple - making a stop sign pillow for little man #1's new "big boy bed".

Can you tell he likes it?  I went to take pictures and he said "Are you going to take the picture of the pillow with me??"  Umm.... how could I resist?!

The pillow is about 15.5" across.  I used applique for the letters.. and after consulting some pictures (and a quick chat with the hubby) determined the white band around the outside was necessary.  That took a little more time / effort - but I think it was worth it!

I didn't have enough stuffing (since I've been making some adorable plushies recently!) - but I did have an older throw pillow that we no longer use.... so I cut that sucker open and used the filling from it.  I didn't have *quite* as much as I wanted.... but it works!  

I purchased the red blender fabric from Marcia's Crafty Sewing and Quilting (it's not solid red... though it looks that way in the photos!).  The white is actually muslin (yuck, so thin... but it's what I hand and I'm not allowed to buy fabric until I make 62 more items.... so I made do).  I used two layers of the muslin (to help it be a *little* less see-through) for both the applique and the border.  

So excited to have sewn something for one of my little dudes - I'm thinking next month's goal will be something for Little Man #2 :)

This month's ALYOF is closed (goals have to be posted / linked up by the 7th) - but you can join in next month!
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Anonymous said...

Looks like he LOVES it! Nice job, on both the sewing and the parenting related to this project. Though... you still have 18 days left in January before this project was due!

Kim said...

He DOES love it - makes it even better! :) And thanks - he was SO excited when he woke up from nap and saw it laying on my ironing board (all sewn up, just needed to be stuffed).

And yep - I'm a bit amazed I got this one done SO early.... but maybe it's because I'm procrastinating for other to-do list items (like my business taxes / books for 2013.... bleh!) I knew it was an "easier" / quicker project, but I thought that would be good for the first month - and because I had a bunch of other non-business sewing goals / "to-do's" for the month and had NO clue how it would all fit in! :)

This gives me 18 days to think up February's goal! :)

Tiffany said...

Oh my cuteness! I love it! I just bought some Cruiser Blvd fabric to make my twin boys a couple of transportation themed quilt. I think a stop sign pillow would be such a fun addition!

Kim said...

Thanks Tiffany! Glad you love it - and yes, I think a stop sign pillow would be GREAT for with their quilts! It was fairly simple - I just winged it! :)