Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Vice Versa BOM - January Blocks

The Vice Versa BOM (Block of the Month) is my very first sew-along / BOM.  I picked it because I really liked the contemporary look - and as a math nerd, the inverse concept {each month, we'll make two blocks - one traditional, the other the inverse of that!} really intrigued me!

Picking out fabrics was TOUGH!  I knew I was going to be picking from fabric I had on hand {Thanks to my 100 item challenge} - and much of my fabric lends itself more to clothes / larger items, not as much traditional quilting.  But that's okay - - I am in no way traditional, so it's only fitting my blocks / fabric choices wouldn't be!

I tried to pull fabrics.  I pulled various color schemes.  I thought about what / who the finished quilt would be for.  I pulled more fabrics.  I got stuck on the "solid" color "requirement" (for the background) - as I do NOT work in solids (I like them.... I just don't have them... and I can't buy fabric!)

Then I took a step back from my cutting table and out of the corner of my eye I spotted a fabric I've had stashed away for a "someday I'll sew for ME" project.  Ah-ha!  Alexander Henry's Mocca in red.  I think I bought it not long after I opened Eggo in the Oven.  I've sewn with it a few times, but then stashed away the last bit of what I had - for "someday".  It's a beautiful combinations of browns, creams, yellows, aquas, and reds.  I just love the bold floral print and the color combination!

So.... then I had my base - and from there I pulled various fabrics / color combinations until I came up with this:

This selection includes a bit of Riley Blake's Verona (first two photos on left - leaves), Riley Blake Fly a Kite (yellow flowers), Michael Miller's Ta Dot in Teal, a brown / white dotty flower fabric from Joann Fabrics (reminds me of spirograph flowers!), and Alexander Henry's Mocca.  Since I likely don't have enough of the Mocca to use it for all of the blocks, I plan on doing some with that and some with the spirograph fabric.  It's possible I'll need to pull in a few more fabrics if I run out of any of these - but we'll see if / when that time comes!

Today I found time during little man #2's morning nap to cut and piece together my January blocks!
Two pretty blocks - they measure 9.5" square (will be 9" square when in the quilt)

The "traditional" block

The inverse!

I was very excited about how quickly they sewed up - and how they turned out!

This quilt-a-long will DEFINITELY be a test of my patience {I don't have much!} - doing just a *little bit* of the quilt each month?!  Waiting a whole year for the quilt to be finished?  Ahhhhhh!

Good thing I have just a few things going on to keep me busy!

Oh.... and in case you're curious - I'm counting these blocks as ONE item for my 100 item challenge - and they are item #22.  Not bad for less than 5 days in! :)

Want to join in on the fun?  It's only $15 to sign up for the year-long project - - - and the patterns are emailed to you as PDF's each month.  There's a great flickr group where you can see others' blocks, ask questions, etc.  Click below for more info!

Gen X Quilters Vice Versa BOM

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