Sunday, January 19, 2014

Brainstorming - PQ Challenge 2

Wahoo!  Today is a GOOD day!

This morning, the second challenge in Project Quilting Season 5 was posted over at Persimon Dreams.  Click here to read through it all {I'll summarize it below, with my brainstorming / commentary, too!} - - -This week's theme is "upcycling".

But.... before I get to that.... there are a few more exciting things to note.

Each week, every person who completes the PQ challenge is entered into a drawing to win some fabulous prizes.  Last week there were over 40 completions / entries!  ...... and I WON a prize!  I get to pick out a pattern from Studio Cherie - which is awesome - but I am struggling to decide which pattern I want!  Decisions, decisions.

Oh.... and then this evening...... The Seahawks won and we are headed to the SUPERBOWL!  So excited!  We watched the game with a BUNCH of friends and it was LOUD - the perfect way to watch such an eventful game!

My munchkins ready to go cheer on the Seahawks!

Needless to say..... I haven't done much sewing this weekend.  I spent most of yesterday at a baby shower {will post about that soon - LOTS of handmade items given to the mama-to-be that I've been DYING to share but couldn't because they're gifts}..... and today was filled with family and football.

Anyway..... back to Project Quilting!

Here's a snippit of this week's challenge
"The front, back, borders, binding and embellishments should all be made from materials that have had a previous life as something else.  Your project must include at least 2 materials that were never intended for use in a quilt or clothing."

I had hoped an upcycling challenge was going to come up.  It had been discussed before the season started - and I knew if it did my goal would be to make something from a selection of our kiddos' favorite onesies / blankets / etc. from when they were younger.

But then I read the challenge.  And in all honesty..... I was a little peeved.  Hahahahaha.  That second part - including at least 2 materials that were never intended for use in a quilt or clothing - was really throwing me for a loop.  I had pictured something soft and snuggly.  Something my kiddos could have in bed with them every night.  How are they going to snuggle with something that isn't meant to be used in a quilt or clothing?????

This is what Project Quilting is all about.  Challenging your preconceived notions.  Creating this week.  Not necessarily something you've been "drawing up" in your head for months that happens to fit the rules.  Not likely something you would have dreamed up without the challenge.  I mean.... it's called a challenge for a reason.

But.... my time is precious.  I do not want to spend a bunch of that precious time making something that I will never use - that will fit the rules but not my life / home / kiddos / business.  My goal is to sew with a purpose.  At first I didn't see it...... but then I realized that is definitely still possible.  Shift my thinking.

I read the challenge post again.  I thought about the reason I was so excited about upcycling (using my kiddos' old clothes).  I thought about my kiddos and what they love.  I did some Zumba.  I kept thinking.  I vented to my husband.  Then things started clicking.  Yes..... things that are fabric but not "meant for" quilting / clothing (like towels, curtains, etc.) could work... and that would still be a challenge.  But now I was gaining momentum.... and ready to attack this challenge head-on..... and those things just feel "comfortable" to me.

The brainstorming process is all still in my head.... and will likely continue to change / transform..... but I'm getting excited.  I know I will be "shopping" from under our beds (where the kids' clothes are in storage boxes), in toy bins, probably in the "shop" area of our garage...... I'm hoping to start that "shopping" process tomorrow - and maybe do a little drawing {remember though.... I draw like a 3 year old!}.... and some more "shopping"....

I just said last week I wanted to make sure I felt like I was stepping outside of my comfort zone of geometric / really planned out and calculated quilting.  It's not how my brain works..... but that doesn't mean I can't give it a try.

So I will challenge myself.  And enjoy the process.  And who knows what the end result will be (though I have a feeling it will be far from soft and snuggly).... but I promise to do my best to have fun!

But first... I have some WORK to do.  Yes..... customers before fun sewing!  *fingers crossed* for a productive night!


PersimonDreams said...

This is fabulous! I'm so glad you can see the 'challenge' portion of it - and you did a great job explaining it. Sometimes I have a hard time putting into words the true goal/inspiration Project QUILTING is meant to give people. I can't wait to see what you come up with!!!!

Janie Kemp said...

Wonderful post!

Kim said...

Thank you! Yes.... this one is a challenge for me - - - but that's how it should be! Like I told you last week..... I MARVEL over the quilts that are "artsy" and less traditional.... and yet have a hard time wrapping my brain around that concept. It was a fun day of thinking and challenging my existing thoughts about this project! I definitely want to make something that will be used / enjoyed / won't just fit the challenge and then be stashed away.... but I'm also looking forward to really taking on the "not intended for quilts or clothes" part of the challenge. I think.... okay... I KNOW my hubby is already sick of me saying "oooh - and what about _____!?" :)

Definitely going to work on this one little by little throughout the week!

Kim said...

Thank you! :) Glad you enjoyed it!