Sunday, January 5, 2014

"String along with me" - day 1

Yippee!  Project Quilting Season 5 has started!

This week's challenge: String along with me - you can read about it more here...
Each week's submission MUST include at least one of the following: patchwork, applique, or have 3 layers stitched together by hand or machine

This week, we also have the following requirement: the entire project must be made from strings {strings are defined as strips of fabric no more than 2.5" wide}

Almost immediately I had an idea... and so I took a picture of my "inspiration" and got started!

I had a general idea.... and sketched out a few concepts - but I'm not going to share those here {mainly because my "sketches" look like something my 3-year-old could have drawn.... but also because the concept has changed a few times since, and I want you to see the creative process, not me creating an end result you already knew was coming!}

Next.... I spent at least 15 minutes sorting through my scrap bin.  It amazed me how many scraps I had to pick from.  On a pretty regular basis, I send scraps to a friend who makes hair accessories, etc., so I was sure I was going to have to cut some "scraps" to supplement.  Nope!

As I sorted I grabbed out smaller scraps in the colors I planned on using: orange, yellow, green, blue, brown, grey, black, and red.  Once I pulled the scraps I took the (HUGE) pile back to my inspiration piece and decided to remove the red and black.  The picture below is about 1/3 of the pile of scraps I was considering

Then I headed back down to the dungeon my sewing studio and did my least favorite job - - - Ironing all of
 those little scraps.  As I did that, I sorted the scraps by color.

Awwww.... don't they look pretty all ironed and sorted?!

Next, I moved from color to color cutting the scraps into "strings" - no bigger than 2.25" and no less than 1" wide.  I needed pieces that were at least 6" long for what I have planned for them.
Ooooh - look at how nice those oranges look all trimmed up and ready to sew!

Then, I sewed each color of strings together completely randomly until I felt like I had a big enough piece.  I ironed each seam open {bleh, more ironing!} which produced this nice array of colors.

But what's going on with that bolt of solid blue fabric?  

.... guess I have more sewing to do!

Want to know more about Project Quilting?  Head over and check it out - and join in on the fun!!!

Project QUILTING Season 5

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