Tuesday, January 21, 2014

PQ Challenge 2 - the beginning stages

This week's "upcycled" challenge has my creative wheels spinning!

Immediately I knew I wanted to use onesies / clothes / blankets / etc. from when my kiddos were young..... but I had to shift my thinking a bit to fit within the challenge specifications.

I had a few custom orders that needed to be shipped ASAP so that they could get to the customers by the end of the month.... so those came first.  And my mind kept thinking about this challenge.

Last night, at 11:30pm, I finished up the last stitch on my final outstanding paid order.  While I have a few to invoice, and details to figure out on a few more, this gives me at least a few days of a "break" to work on Project Quilting {oh... and taxes.... pesky taxes that need to be finished by the end of the month!  Ahhhh!}

This is about as far as I got yesterday...

Yep.... those are boxes and crates and a few more boxes of the kiddos' baby clothes.  My project this week will not be a traditional onesie / t-shirt memory quilt {though I hope to make one of those some day... and have a customer order for one coming up - yay!} - but since everything used needs to have a previous life.... and obviously I have *just a bit* to work with in all these boxes, I figured it was a great source for the main materials to make my item.

Next up... I need to sort through all these clothes and pull blues, browns / tans, yellows, oranges, some black..... and sort them by size so they can be MUCH more organized than they are right now (yep, using this challenge as an opportunity to check THAT off the to-do list, too!)

Interested in joining in on the Project Quilting fun?  Get more information here:
Project QUILTING Season 5

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